NEW: You can now choose whether you'd like a Recovery Bug or Revision Buddy! Same bug, different purpose- making it the perfect gift for those seeking a bit of comfort in different situations.


What are Recovery Bugs?
Little googly-eyed pals that you can slip in your pocket and take wherever you go to provide comfort and to remind you to keep fighting. Each little fella' has their own name and story and is its own unique shape and size, just like you.
There's only one of each, so once it's gone, it's gone.

What is the Recovery Bug Mission?
To become a symbol of hope and reassurance for those struggling with mental health issues universally.


Recovery Bug Profile:

Name: Leo

Colour: Spotted

Stone: Dalmatian Jasper

Stone qualities: Determination, Strength, Friendship

Each Recovery Bug comes with its own little booklet containing a profile and the Recovery Bug Mission. The Recovery Bug Profile consists of the name, weight, colour and stone type of your Bug.



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